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Our goal at NINJA BEACH is to motivate and enable our community to engage in physical activity and play. We strive to instill the basics of fitness in all diverse ages, skills, and backgrounds, equipping them with the necessary resources to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Chris Tamborini

Chris Tamborini is a former US Ski Team member and cofounder of FREESKIER Magazine. He was an Olympic Development Coach and has coached Olympic athletes from several countries around the world. Currently Chris is the owner of Tamborini Painting here in Ocean County, NJ, and the founder and co-owner of Ninja Beach. Chris has always been competitive. In high school he was a Vermont state champion for bench press, and state champion in freestyle mogul skiing in Pennsylvania and Maine. After high school he moved out west to train for skiing where he tied the world record for pushups in a minute during the US Ki Team Medals test. He went on to win state championships for moguls in Utah, Colorado, and Vermont.

When multiple injuries forced him out of physical competition, Chris picked up a pool cue to satisfy his competitive needs. Chris has since played on three state champion teams in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Chris attributes his ability to compete at high levels to his goal-setting skills. Consequently, goal-setting plays a big role in the Ninja Beach curriculum. Students maintain goal journals in which they write their goals at the end of each class. The short term goals become part of that individual’s class time. The bigger goals become a lesson on how to outline a plan toward achieving them.

With OCR becoming an Olympic sport soon, Chris’s goal is to create an Olympic ‘pipeline’ mapping a clear path to becoming an Olympic-caliber athlete and have a viable chance at competing at that level. Ninja Beach is the entry point to that pipeline.

Jonathan Wolff

Jonathan Wolff is an accomplished Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with credentials from the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), currently advancing

his expertise by pursuing certification as a Certified Wellness Coach (CWC). With a background as a Division 1 football player at Hofstra University under the mentorship of the

esteemed Joe Gardi, Jonathan brings a wealth of athletic experience to his training approach. Jonathan was also blessed to be the son of National and World ranked US Powerlifter, the late, great  Jack Wolff. Beyond his athletic achievements, Jonathan is a versatile professional who has seamlessly transitioned his passion from the field to the creative realm of filmmaking and photography. As a seasoned Director of Photography, Photographer, and Art Director, he has garnered acclaim for his work on international projects spanning documentaries, commercials, dramatic features, and music videos. Despite his diverse career pursuits, Jonathan's dedication to physical fitness has remained unwavering throughout the years. At 48 years young, he is currently in the pinnacle of his

physical condition, driven by his fervent belief in the transformative power of holistic health. Jonathan recognizes that true wellness encompasses both internal and external vitality, serving as the cornerstone for a fulfilling and harmonious life. Motivated by a desire to inspire others, Jonathan is committed to instilling a lifelong appreciation for health and fitness, particularly among youth. He firmly believes that cultivating physical and mental resilience from a young age lays the foundation for personal growth and fulfillment. Jonathan envisions a world where individuals of all ages can harness their inner and outer strength through dedicated effort and physical activity. In his quest to make a positive impact on society, Jonathan is dedicated to serving his community and empowering individuals to unlock their full potential. Through his extensive knowledge and unwavering determination, he seeks to uplift others on their journey to self discovery and optimal well-being. As Socrates aptly stated, "It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." Jonathan Wolff is on a mission to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to embrace this beauty and strength within


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